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Top 5 Reasons Why Gene Simmons Is A Piece of Shit

I was huge Kiss fan when I was a kid.  If this had happened in the 70s, I’m sure that it would have been an easier thing,...

The Breast Blog Ever: Tits And Metal

Women were second-class citizens for the biggest chunk of humanity’s history. Hell, even though nowadays women have the same rights as men to participate...

In the Serpent’s Nest – An Interview with Marduk

I've always been fascinated by black metal and the philosophy that binds all those bands together. Even if you put aside all the crap...

Ep. #8: The Influence of Tolkien (Ft. Dr. Brad Eden)

Nobody can deny that J.R.R. Tolkien is, by far, one of the most important authors in the English language. His works, published over half a...