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Messenger – Threnodies

Voivod – Post Society EP

Caligula’s Horse – Bloom

Algebra – Feed The Ego

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About Phil Anselmo Yelling “White Power!”

As you probably heard, Phil Anselmo, former singer of Pantera (as well as Down and a bunch of other projects) decided to end a...

Top 5 Reasons Why Gene Simmons Is A Piece of Shit

I was huge Kiss fan when I was a kid.  If this had happened in the 70s, I’m sure that it would have been an easier thing,...

Soul Killers: An Interview with Hellyeah

What can be said about Vinnie Paul, the legendary drummer of Pantera, that hasn't been said before? Whether you love them or hate them,...

In the Serpent’s Nest – An Interview with Marduk

I've always been fascinated by black metal and the philosophy that binds all those bands together. Even if you put aside all the crap...