Ep. #6 – #Metalgate & Social Justice in Metal

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Last week I wrote a pretty long article about “Social Justice Warriors” in metal, as well as above some of their claims in regards to the heavy metal scene’s acceptance of social justice principles.

Since the text was extremely long, we decided to present it as a podcast. Of course, you should still visit the article to be able to see some of the images and links that were used to illustrate the point.

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Considered by his mother as the brightest and prettiest boy, J's interest in metal started in his early teens, listening to bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica (coupled with an embarrassing period in which Marilyn Manson "totally represents me, man") eventually moving into the realm of power, black, and death metal. He holds a PhD in law, trains martial arts, practices law, and enjoys coming up with excuses as to why he has to miss work after going to a concert. He also dabbles as a concert photographer, you can see his sub-par work on his instagram.
  • Scott Vogler

    I really enjoyed the podcast and I am glad we aren’t alone in this. There’s a little over 200 members in my #metalgate group on Facebook. Basically, we are the only real community of people focused on this topic on the internet.

    I just conducted an interview with Shayne Mathis of Metal Injection, one of the publications that sparked all of the controversy. Shayne just so happened to be the one who wrote “The Problem With Heavy Metal is Metal Heads.”

    I am a noob in so many ways in all this. I’m still learning about heavy metal, learning how to be a public figure on the internet, and have my first baby on the way. So when that interview is released on Monday the 16th please forgive my novice and rookie mistakes. I will be totally willing to address peoples concerns when they come.

    Anyways, I just wanted to invite you to my group where a ton of news on the topic is posted daily.
    Thank you for addressing this on your site. I will be sharing your site with the group and would love to see you in the group!

    Link below!