Ep. #3 – Opeth (Ft. Opeth’s Fredrik Åkesson)

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Welcome to this special episode of the Metal Blast podcast, where we focus on the band Opeth.

Founded in 1990, 24 years ago, by Mikael Akerfeldt and David Isberg, Opeth have gone to become one of the most important bands in metal today. Just as it happened with their line-up, which has seen more than 20 musicians come and go, their style has dramatically changed over the years, so much so that they are arguably one of the most controversial bands in the genre.

Starting off as a melodic death metal band, Opeth were quick to demonstrate their ability as musicians, combining aggression with true technical proficiency. As these skills have increased over the years, so has the complexity of their music, which has earned them a truly enviable position within progressive metal.

Due to the lyrical content of their songs, which often deal with dark and mournful topics, many have developed a deep connection with them. While this is certainly a wonderful thing for a band, it has also meant that many have seen any changes in Opeth as almost an attack to their very identity. Mikael Akerfeldt, for example, has received death threats from fans who were not happy with the direction in which he was taking the band, something that shows precisely how important his music has become to many.

To discuss this, and more, I met with Fredrik Akesson, guitar player of Opeth since 2008. He was kind enough to spend about half an hour with me before the Opeth show in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at the Heineken Music Hall.

The transcript of this interview will be published soon.

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