Ep. #13 – A Nazi Problem in Metal (and its reactions)

A quick review of our video on the AV Club’s idiotic Nazi accusations against metal, and the reactions we’ve received.


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Considered by his mother as the brightest and prettiest boy, J's interest in metal started in his early teens, listening to bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica (coupled with an embarrassing period in which Marilyn Manson "totally represents me, man") eventually moving into the realm of power, black, and death metal. He holds a PhD in law, trains martial arts, practices law, and enjoys coming up with excuses as to why he has to miss work after going to a concert. He also dabbles as a concert photographer, you can see his sub-par work on his instagram.
  • Good analysis on the article you read.

    From how I personally see the problem, is that society believes that a band that makes songs that promote songs about racism, Satan, etc. they automatically believe that the members of the band – those are their political and religious beliefs. I listen to a lot of bands that have an image that may be seen as satanic and their music is satanic. But the band members themselves are not actually satanists. In their civil lives they could be atheist, Catholic, Buddhist, etc. whatever. There could also be bands that have songs about racism but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they actually are racist are they?

    I think the non-Metalheads of the world have to see past a band’s image and music but unfortunately nobody wants to do that. Sometimes it even doesn’t have to do with beliefs! It could be something as the generalization that people think metal musicians with long hair, tattoos, etc are underestimated as people believing to be rude devil-worshippers when in reality they could be the nicest people you’ll meet.