Hate – Crusade: Zero

The route to success is paved with pride. If you want to make it, you gotta have a little bit of an ego. You’ve got to stand out. Be different. As a wise prophet once said, it’s better to make an impression than to play it completely safe. However, there’s a big difference between making an impression and using shock value or gimmicky characteristics in your music, and that’s just something many new bands learn from experience. Though some acts just don’t grow out of it. Polish blackened death metallers Hate exemplify this. Since the ‘90s, Hate have been riding the same old tired shtick of dark, anti-Christian metal which feels so ridiculously out of place in this decade that upon hearing their ninth full-length Crusade: Zero, you’d think these guys fell out of a wormhole from the 90s, with no bearing on the current musical climate.

Coming back to first impressions once again, let me just say that Hate had one hell an introduction. Back in the ‘90s, their first record Daemon Qui Fecit Terram was a brutal tour de force of spirited, angry fervor, at times sounding like if Earth Crisis made a death metal record. Since then, however, Hate have done very little in twenty years to progress their sound, adding a few underpinning melodic elements here and there, but nothing hugely substantial. Crusade: Zero sounds exactly as the band did in their glory days, and to their credit, that’s not necessarily a negative thing to be. While the band’s had an abundance of lineup changes, they’ve always had an above-competent level of impressive technical expertise, and vocalist Adam the First Sinner (because just “Adam” isn’t brutal enough, really) is always a joy to listen to with his substantially thick and monstrous vocal delivery. Now, the only noticeable changes come in the form of the songwriting, this time laden with heinous, scenery-chewing guitar leads that amplify the cheese and melodrama of their music up to the silliest Nth degree. The worst part is that Hate have always had sprinklings of self-awareness in their music, but with Crusade: Zero it’s just not clear. Rib-tickling song titles like “Hate Is The Law” and “Doomsday Celebrities” evoke the idea that Hate are trying to keep the record from going too far off the deep end in terms of wackiness, but its content just sounds so much like it was made with the utmost heart and intention that you just start to feel a little pitiful for just listening to it.

Success is something you have to work at in art. Hate do not seem to realise that you can’t expect to be as consistently good as you were in your heyday if you make no attempt to progress or mature. It’s lazy. It’s a sign of no artistic integrity. And now their music sounds so ghastly, ill-fitting and hard to take seriously that it’s as if they never changed their name from the dreadful “Somuchhate” in the early ‘90s. If maturity, progression, and forward-thinking isn’t your forte, then you might as well just be counting the days until your fans just stop caring.

Entertaining at times.
Boring, uninspired, repetitious on all fronts.
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Hailing from the inner depths of South Wales, Sunny was raised under the tuition of '90s grunge and '70s prog, where he quickly began to nurture a love for all things experimental, dark and noisy. His favourite bands include Godflesh, Isis, Cynic, The Angelic Process, Fall of Efrafa and Tool. He is currently studying Media Communcations at Bath Spa University, and still thinks early '00s nu-metal is totally sick, man.
  • jg104

    Sunny if you like early 90’s nu metal then what the fuck are you doing in blackened death metal Genere please no one needs your professional bullshit reviews if you don’t like this type of music then please don’t listen and learn to respect every music you’re not an metal hammer.co.uk you moron asshole fuck off

    • As a die-hard death metal fan and contributor to this ‘zine, I will say that the early Korn albums are awesome. How mad does that make you?

      Also, Hate is mediocre at best. You could just listen to “Cain’s Way” and be done with them.

      • J_MetalBlast

        On the other hand, as the founder and editor of this magazine, I can say that Korn is, and has always been, shit.

        • Yeah, well, YOU’RE FUCKING WRONG, OKAY?!

      • Jignesh Patel

        Shut the fuck up you asshole no one needs your suggestion as time changes the production sound changes and wtf you talking about Cains way it was their earlier production and now its 2015 time has changed wake up dude you moron and you just cannot understand this band still go fuck yourself and don’t teach me and tell me Listen to earlier Korn albums I just don’t give a damn about them the discussion was of crusade zero review that was wrote by that idoit sunny don’t know what he think of himself so shut your mouth and get your ass out from this

        • tl;dr

          • Jignesh Patel

            Don’t teach me about English grammar because you don’t have guts and no words to say anything
            and you are telling me about spellings Fuck off

          • Jg104

            Don’t teach me about English grammer because you have nothing to say and you are telling me mine spelling stinks fuck off.The discussion was about crusade zero and I think you are no one to teach me about my spelling mistakes please keep your English literature in your Big Ass You Faggot

          • J_MetalBlast

            To his credit, you do sound like a fucking asshole though. And you also deleted your previous comment (probably because you don’t only sound, but also ARE a fucking asshole).

          • Jg104

            Shut up you big ugly motherfucker I am talking to him not with you big faggot idiot you are biggest asshole to reply on this comment my account was deleted by default you idiot

          • lol look at how angry this internet person is over absolutely nothing.

            Also if you want some black/death metal that is way better than Hate, I’d recommend checking out either Cult of Fire, Death Karma, and Teitanblood because Hate is boring as shit.

            You’re welcome.

          • Jg104

            No you’re a big Lol and faggot to keep recommending me this bands that I’m not interested at all and by the way you are big boring ball and wasting you’re time just Fuck off you dickhead _|_ just fuck off

          • J_MetalBlast

            Dude, see? you’re coming off as a huge fucking asshole? Somebody disliked an album you like, and you decided that the best use of your time would be to post a barely-readable cascade of insults. You need to evaluate your life choices, kid.

          • Jg104

            Ok I apologize sorry my bad

          • No problem dude. Metal is all about passion, and sometimes we may not see eye-to-eye, but a healthy discussion is what keeps heavy metal as a whole so interesting, just because there are so many layers to it all.

          • Jg104

            Yeah I agree with your reply and at one moment I felt guilty that I shouldn’t used offensive words sorry to J_MetalBlast and you too

          • J_MetalBlast

            No problem!

  • Filthgrinder

    I wouldn’t be so angry at a fan of 70s progressive, 90s grunge and 00s numetal that he’s not thrilled about a death metal album. I think it actually fits perfectly and I wouldn’t expect anything else from this kind of person to write about this album. Being a death metal fan myself I think this album and this band sounds great and Hate has done a lot to make sure this genre stays fresh and interesting. Soon the full review to be read at http://www.metalbite.com 🙂

    • J_MetalBlast

      Hi! Thank you very much for checking our site.
      In our bios we can’t put EVERYTHING we like, since the list would be gigantic. I think you might be reading too much into it; we always review albums of genres we already like (otherwise it would be pointless, since we’d all just on the genres we dislike), but sometimes we just don’t like a specific album.
      Reviews are subjective; there are great albums that I hate, and mediocre albums that I love. I’m sure it’s the same with you.
      Good luck with your site, and I hope you’ll continue visiting us!

  • Carlos Cavalcanti

    I’m done with this site after a Tool fan has written shit about this huge Hate release. See you guys at other metal forums. Bye!