Social Justice Warriors… in Metal?

Update: Since this article is fairly long, feel free to just listen to an audio version. Now you can do other stuff while you half-pay attention to what I say!

This is a long article, dealing with a couple of claims regarding race and sex in metal. So much so that I doubt most people will read the whole thing. Still, just in case, I decided to add a little index to it, since you might just want to read parts of it, or just skim through it.


Being a gold medalist in the Oppression Olympics seems to be the biggest goal for some people. For many, growing up in a privileged environment almost seems to be a source of shame, and so they go out of their way to find some enemy, imaginary or otherwise, as a way to earn some of those sweet, sweet oppression points.

They feel like the fact that they have never suffered any real problems means that they are missing out on something, and so they create a source of oppression. Their failures are the result of a bigoted enemy, and never of their own shortcomings.

It’s the rise of the “Social Justice Warrior”, a person, usually a middle-class white guy, who lives to tell others about “privilege”, “rape culture”, “patriarchy” and who is always happy to add more and more letters to the LGBT acronym. The kind of person who sees it fit to refer to people who identify with their gender of birth as “cis”. You know, because we really needed a word for 93.5% of the population, as much as we really need to speak about “4-wheeled cars” and “2-wheeled motorcycles”.

In their attempt to fight the power, they choose enemies such as video games, arguing that Mario rescuing Princess Peach is a sign of misogyny (“damsels in distress”, you see?), without really raising their voice against the very real misogyny and rape culture (as in people literally getting raped) within pornography (they embraced and praised a “feminist” who seems proud of her debut in facial abuse) or prostitution (where the majority of women have been raped). The same people who made a fuzz out of Dr. Matt Taylor wearing a shirt featuring Bond-esque drawings of girls (which was made and given to him by a female friend), arguing that this clearly shows that women are not welcome in STEM fields (instead of, you know, a nerd not having basic understanding of what is or isn’t appropriate to wear during an interview). Tumblr is full of them. Otherkins, 1/27th part Cherokees, nonbinary genderqueer furries and the like, all of them desperate to yell “oppression”, “appropriation” and to speak of straight white people as if it was a slur. They live in a world of noble savages, where they are carrying the White Man’s Burden; they are happy to be the saviors of those poor “people of color” from those completely homogeneous lands of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

What I’m saying here, in case it wasn’t obvious, is fuck those people.

Social Justice Warriors as depicted by PeblComics
Social Justice Warriors as depicted by PlebComics

The SJW Claims

Recently, I stumbled upon two articles written by Kim Kelly, of hipster repositories Pitchfork, Spin and the crime against journalism known as Vice, which immediately brought to mind some of those same characters. Also, they showed me how some people, clearly mouthbreathing morons, can only express their criticisms by means of misogynistic and homophobic remarks, when they try to prove that misogyny and homophobia are not a real thing. Fuck those people too.

In one of her articles, featuring an interview with female African-American metal singer Kayla Philips (of Bleed the Pigs), Kim mentions, almost in passing, that

“Bleed the Pigs are the latest entry in a long line of individuals who have been steadily chipping away at the long-held view of heavy metal and hardcore as members-only clubs for straight white cis men, and for Philips, it’s a beautiful thing to see.” [emphasis is mine].

I spoke with Kim about this line, and she was very adamant that “It’s literally not an opinion, it is a fact”. She is, obviously, wrong, at least in the way in which she characterizes the fact that metal has been largely populated by white male performers (unlike Kim, I have no idea about who they choose to fuck) as a bad thing. In her run in this edition of the Olympics, it’s a “members only” club, where women and minorities are not welcome.

The problem with her understanding of the situation is that it glosses over the fact that metal started as a white genre of music. Its origins are in the white working class areas of England and, as such, it appealed to white, working class, men. Of course, as time passed metal reached a wider audience, and it moved away from that restricted environment, and it became popular among other social classes, genders, and ethnicities. If you go, for example, to South America, Asia, and even the Middle East, there are metal bands in every city, and concerts are filled with fans. Although it might surprise Kim, these concerts do not look like the Nuremberg rallies, and they are actually quite representative of the ethnic makeup of those countries. The problem is that if you make your analysis based on what you see in America, England or Germany, not surprisingly, your results will tend to reflect, to an extent, the ethnic makeup of those countries. This type of analytical bias is a common denominator amongst Social Justice Warriors; they see their environment as the environment, and as a result they assume that everywhere must be like that.

But even beyond this, the idea that metal appeals to whites as a negative thing is ridiculous. Would she lay the same criticism against rap and hip hop because they have traditionally catered to black males? Or what about reggaeton, which has appealed to people of Latin America much more so than to WASPs? Of course not.

In the world of Social Justice Warriors, when a white person “twerks” it’s cultural appropriation (because within their infantilizing view of blacks, Africans have a proud tradition of shaking their asses until they clap), while a female African American playing heavy metal is just a good “you go girl!” moment. This is, incredibly, both hilarious and infuriating at the same time, since while nobody has ever said that Derrick Green should leave Sepultura because he’s black, commentators, and even performers, demand whites leave jazz, rap and hip hop alone. Thankfully, those defenseless minorities can count with the Social Justice Warriors carrying the White Man’s Burden.

From Plebcomics
From Plebcomics

Another article, and which even got Kim some harassment, was one in which she interviewed the remarkably insufferable-sounding Andy Curtis-Brignell of the band Caïna. Although he fails to reach the punchable levels of Liturgy and their “transcendental black metal” bullshit, he sure as hell tries.

Starting with his bullshit self-diagnosis of being “clinically depressed/bipolar/whatever” (unless he has the world’s most incompetent psychiatrist, that’s not how diseases are diagnosed), this asshole goes into a tirade (that you can almost bet was uttered without projecting his voice, so as to sound deeper and darker) that seems fit for the blog of a 14 year old desperate to sound edgy and unique. It’s the same kind of crap we’ve seen before, some misanthropic bullshit (of the likes Dissection, The Devil’s Blood, Watain, Mayhem and others have already used before), although in this case with an added bonus of being a special little snowflake that nobody can understand.

“I have huge problems with humankind’s existence on this planet — we’re a colony of grotesque, toxin-spewing parasites — but that’s a philosophical perspective, and one that’s impossible to truly embrace without being a fucking sociopath.”

You see, he isn’t a sociopath for thinking this bullshit, he’s just too deep (and hardcore edgy) for you. Among pathetic attempts at sounding cool, he’s only marginally worse than the kid yelling at you in Call of Duty that he fucked your mom and that he’ll kill you because he graduated at the top of his class in the Navy Seals, although less than the poorly-written claims by Flo Rida (known for a song about his fucking car) that I’m Bill Gates, take a genius to understand me.

Reportedly, this is the cover of Caïna's upcoming album.
Reportedly, this is the cover of Caïna’s upcoming album.

He is different, and of course better, than the rest, not like that “bunch of identical-looking white bros throwing their bullshit shapes and spouting the same quasi-edgy satanic motivational speaker bullshit.”. He’s deeper than that. He is not “quasi edgy”. He is edgy (I almost cut myself writing that, actually). I mean, he is spouting some generic misanthropic shit… but he actually means it, you see?

He then goes to claim that the fact that somebody described his music as “girlfriend metal” is just the result of people thinking that it’s bad that he tries to appeal to both men and women. He is, of course, wrong. “Girlfriend metal” is just a term to refer to emasculated music that lacks the punch and power of metal. It’s not that your music appeals to girls (so do Watain and even Manowar) it’s that some people see it as wimpy music. I’m sorry to be the one to burst your heroic bubble there.

He goes through the motions of the Social Justice Warriors, and bring up some of the Women’s Studies 101 topics, and even seems apologetic for being a white heterosexual male. He even seems to imply that The Oath disbanded because people were, apparently, sexist. Just like these Warriors claim that women, like Dracula and crucifixes, will not join STEM fields because of a shirt, the damsels in distress of The Oath must have disbanded because of misogyny.

Still, in all fairness, this 2edgy4u guy does bring up some real issues. Hell, if a broken clock can be right twice a day, so can this asshole.

The Anti-SJW Attacks

He mentions, like I’ve done in the past, that shit like “The Hottest Chicks in Metal” is shameful, since it puts the sexuality of female performers ahead of their musical talent. He is right on this, since even labels continue to push this bullshit, by vomiting out bands like Butcher Babies and In This Moment, which seem to be committed to telling girls that the only way to make it is to fit an objectified (if not pornofied) version of femininity. I’ve written enough about this topic, and this article is long enough as it is, that I will just refer you to those articles or to my talk with Melinda Tankard-Reist about objectification, instead of just repeating myself even more.

Is there misogyny in metal? Yes, just like in every other part of society. But, as I’ve said before, this misogyny is not inherent to the genre itself. Metal, in its lyrical content, is not a misogynistic genre of music, and although some of its fans, particularly on the internet, do go out of their way to make sexist comments, this is more a consequence of the internet than of metal. The problems that we see in festivals, for example, and that I have been very critical of, are the same that we see in the rest of society (the “she had it coming” or “she’s asking for it” mentality) and are not inherent or unique to metal. Too bad this pretentious black metal version of Bono (living deep inside his own asshole) isn’t complaining about girls having credit cards slid through their asscracks or women being treated like objects in rap and hip hop. No, it’s easier to pick on metal; picking on rap and hip hop would be “problematic.”

These brave alpha-males later deleted this.
These brave alpha-males later deleted this.
Keep it classy, moron.
Keep it classy, moron.

Although some people don’t like to hear criticisms, like the mouthbreathing morons pictured above, the fact of the matter is that there is plenty of room for improvement in metal, and we do have to face that. It’s a mistake to think that raising questions about our behavior somehow means that we’re stifling dissent or trying to castrate the “extreme” character of metal. I mean, metal is not characterized by misogyny, so criticizing those metalheads that do act in a misogynistic manner isn’t “anti-metal”, but rather “anti-asshole.”

Let’s be clear. If you’re offended by someone saying that women shouldn’t be objectified or that it’s not ok to grope random women just because of how they’re dressed, well, you’re a fucking creepy asshole who deserves to have his ass kicked.

The same thing happens if you feel that calling people “faggots” when they think that homophobia is not OK is appropriate. This isn’t a very difficult topic. Nobody is asking for Watain to play YMCA, or to have “pink” bands, to support gay marriage or adoption for gay couples. Nobody is asking for any message to be added to metal or to add socially-conscious lyrics. This is simply about not endorsing or defending gay bashing. If you’re that concerned about gay people, if other men’s sex lives are so fucking important for you (because for some reason gay bashers are always OK with lesbians, since they’re “hot”), chances are you’re just craving to have sweaty sex with other men.

For some reason, some people see it fit to criticize feminism by calling women “cunts”, “sluts”, “whores” and “bitches”, threatening with rape, and then feel happy about how they absolutely stopped the “feminazis”. Their small minds fail to understand that their actions are the equivalent of beating the shit out of someone to prove they’re not violent. Not only are they imbeciles, but they’re also the kind of guy whose definition of a “date night” probably includes stopping by the local pharmacy to score some Rohypnol.


Feminism, in its most basic form, is something that everyone can get behind. A society in which men and women are treated with the same level of respect, and who have the same rights and opportunities, is something that only a backwards moron would oppose. Can there be extremes within feminism? Absolutely, but attacking all women because of that, and dismissing any criticism as just “radical feminism” is not constructive, and is just an example of a small mind.

Metal does pretty well when it comes to its lyrical content, but the environment in which metalheads move can probably be improved. Opposing that is not the way to go. We all have mothers and sisters, whenever you insult or mistreat a woman, simply because she is a woman, you’re doing that to them too.

Just because plenty of competitors are trying to win the Oppression Olympics doesn’t mean that some criticisms aren’t valid. Dismiss the stupid ones as stupid, and feel free to call out the privileged Social Justice Warriors for the bullshit they keep regurgitating, but always remember that, as I said before, even a broken clock gets to be right twice a day.

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  • Gunnar von Cowtown

    Awww, Jon, you had me right up until the end. “Feminism, in its most basic form, is something that everyone can get behind. A society in which men and women are treated with the same level of respect, and who have the same rights and opportunities….” No, it’s not. Yeah, professional feminists talk a good game, but look at what they actually do. As an attorney, look at the laws their trying to pass and have passed from family courts and child custody laws, to the ridiculous affirmative consent laws on college campuses and the recent rape hysteria in Rolling Stone. Feminists want supremacy, not equality. Once again, ignore what they say and observe their actions. Many people who are a lot smarter than I have have exposed feminism for the naked power grab that it truly is, so unless you’d like me to recommend some further reading, I’ll let this drop for now.

    Obviously, you’re a decent human being who is taking the SJW’s at their word and giving them the benefit of the doubt. This is where you’ve made an error. There can be no compromise with SJWs. There can be no reasonable discussion with SJWs. They don’t want a “dialogue” or even an “understanding”. They want your (and our) submission to their agenda, and nothing less. Every piece of well reasoned dialectic you attempt will be met with rhetoric. Once you give them an inch (even a reasonable one like agreeing not to say “faggot”) they take a mile. SJWs see acquiescence as weakness, thus enabling them to ratchet up their ever-increasing demands. Learn a lesson from the victory of #gamergate, as well as the defeats in the science fiction publishing industry, comics and punk rock.

    The only solution to #metalgate is to hit the SJWs back twice as hard with all the cruelty and malice we can summon. If that means defending the use of unkind words like “faggot” and “cunt”, and the unkind people who use them, then so be it. A typical SJW tactic is to isolate an outlier and attempt to get you to distance yourself form that person. Once you do (as seen above), you’ve played into their hands and permitted them to frame the debate on their terms. That’s a losing tactic. We’ve seen this play out before and the pattern is always the same.

    #MetalGate must attack, attack harder, and then attack again. Apologize for nothing.


    Gunnar von Cowtown

    • J_MetalBlast

      Hi Gunnar, thanks for checking out Metal Blast.
      I don’t want to come off as condescending, but it’s easier to just enumerate my answer, I hope you don’t mind:

      1. “Feminism Isn’t about equality”: You are completely wrong in your understanding of feminism as “female supremacy”. Feminism was born to address issues like women’s access to voting, equal pay (which is still a big problem, as reported by the International Labor Organization, you see more here:–en/index.htm ), discrimination and rape. This is something that everybody can get behind.

      2. “Feminists want supremacy”: I am sure that many feminists, particularly from the Tumblr crowd, are “anti cis”, “anti man”, and all the other crazy labels we want. This doesn’t change the fact that feminism did not start with that in mind. You shouldn’t judge a movement by their worst and most sensationalist examples. The idea that women demanding equal rights want “supremacy” is a pretty old one, and even existed when they were demanding the right to vote (just google the opposition to the Suffragettes’ movement and you’ll see) , back then it also wasn’t true.
      In any case, and just for the sake of argument, what would be the end-game of these “feminist supremacists”? What do you think is their goal?

      • Thanks for the thoughtful reply, J. And just for the record, I’m a huge fan of enumeration. It keeps things organized.

        1a. What feminism was born to address and what it’s addressing now are two completely different things. Comparing suffragettes to the Zoe Quinns and Anita Sarkeesians of the world is apples to oranges at best, and unnecessarily cruel to suffragettes at worst.

        1b. “Equal pay problem”….??? Come on, man. You’re better than this. That myth has been debunked so many times it’s almost the equivalent of flat earth theory.

        2a. “This doesn’t change the fact that feminism did not start with that in mind.” It bears repeating, I have no issue what so ever with what feminism had in mind when it started, only what it has become.

        2b. “You shouldn’t judge a movement by their worst and most sensationalist examples.” I would prefer not to judge a movement by their worst and most sensational examples, but they’re the ones holding the megaphone, and thus driving the narrative. This underscores my point that #metalgate should show no mercy to SJWs. The feminist SJWs driving #gamergate and #metalgate are not reasonable women in the mold of suffragettes who just want the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. They are the Tumblr crowd, with all the “anti cis” and “anti man” baggage that goes along with it. They have chosen their side and should be treated accordingly.

        2c. “In any case, and just for the sake of argument, what would be the end-game of these “feminist supremacists”? What do you think is their goal?” I’ve been trying to figure that out for years. I don’t think radical feminists, SJWs or any entity of the hard left even knows that answer. I’ve asked many of them directly, “At what point will you be finished re-engineering society enough that you’ll declare victory and go home?” They don’t know how to answer that question. It’s painfully obvious from the looks on their faces that many of them have never even considered it. However, by observing the repeating patterns, it all boils down to a simple one word answer; more. Just for the sake of argument, name one example of SJWs/radical feminists/racial grievance mongers/LGBT-advocates/etc. being given (by society, the government, corporations, ad infinitum) what they’ve asked for and being satisfied. If you give them an inch, they immediately demand a mile.

        3. This goes back to my main point. The only viable strategy for #metalgate’s dealings with SJWs is to do the following; refuse their demands, hit back twice as hard, and support even our worst and most sensationalist brothers-in-metal.

        J, we may not agree on everything, but just to be clear, I thought the first 90% of your post was absolutely fantastic. So, to find a silver lining, I’m glad that #metalgate allowed me to find Metal Blast. You do some fantastic writing on metal. Keep up the good work.


        Gunnar von Cowtown

        • J_MetalBlast

          Hi Gunnar, thanks for the response and, definitely, for the very kind words.

          1a. “Feminism”: I think that this ends up being a linguistic discussion, as to what you and I understand “feminism” to be. I see it, as simply the struggle for equal rights between men and women. If you prefer that to be called “egalitarianism”, or whatever other name suits better, feel free to read my “feminism” as “equal rights”.
          While I know that some SJW-type people might bring Sarkeesian as an example of a “feminism” (I’d opt for “scam artist who regurgitates contents from Women’s Studies 101 “), I really doubt anyone would honestly put Zoey Quinn on that list. I mean, other than being a woman, I don’t know what her pro-feminism actions are supposed to be. Same goes for Brianna Wu and similar batshit insane commentators.
          1b. Careful! You’re doing the same thing I accused the SJWs of doing: Analyzing the American case, and extrapolating that to the rest of the world! By any standard, the situation of women in America is good (although it could certainly be better) but there are many parts of the world where the access to same income simply does not exist, hence the ILO reference. Really, the guys at the ILO, whatever complaint you might have about the UN (I have many complaints) didn’t just pull the report out of their asses.

          2a&b. Again, it goes back to what I said above. It seems to be a problem about how to call it. I have no particular affiliation with the word “feminist”; If you believe that men and women should have the same rights, that sexual violence is wrong (even though it also happens to men, women are the most common victims, of course) then I don’t care if you want to call yourself a feminist or an MRA.

          2c. I think many of the tumblr crowd, which are sadly the most vociferous, honestly don’t know what their goal is. I don’t think you should pay much attention to what otherkin headmates are yelling.

          3. A broken clock gets to be right twice a day. An otherkin furry might say something right, without that meaning that the rest is correct. When it comes to portrayals of women in media, for example, it might silly to claim that Princess Peach is a victim of the cisnormative patriarchy, but there are plenty of reasons to argue that increasingly violent pornography does create a twisted view of sexuality amongst young people. (Oddly enough, the tumblr people like to complain about Princess Peach, but they leave extreme porn out, since, well, you know, they tend to be kinky fuckers anyway). The same happens with “rape culture”, where we might dismiss some claims of its existence, it does bear repeating that fraternities do represent extremely high risk environments for women, and that many people do think that a woman might be “asking for it” if she dresses in a certain way or if she drinks too much.
          And no, I will not “support even our worst and most sensationalist brothers-in-metal” because that’s just a stupid idea. I will definitely support the right of extreme metal bands to say and sing crazy shit, but I will not be trying to pretend that they are nice things to say.

          I’m glad you like the rest of the site, feel free to keep checking back! 🙂

  • Vard

    Very interesting reading, like always.
    It make me think of all those people who don’t care about being right and say usefull things, but just about being the biggest asshole that the earth can handle. You see this more and more on internet, we don’t fight opinions anymore, we fight people: If you hurt (or probably just think you did) someone behind his screen, hell yeah you won the epic brutal internet war. You’re a man now.
    That’s just bullshit for very young people. The problem is that if they keep thinking that you can have an opinion (always brutal by the way) on something without knowing any shit about when they grow up, we’re in troubles.

    Main issue here is that those people don’t consider anymore that you can fight for some ideas without fight the opponents of those ideas like they are nazis. For exemple, few times ago I tried to have a debate with a pro-femen about femen actions in France (few of those actions was about to bring raw meat in church during ceremonies to militate about abortion – which is totally legal in France since 1975 and is not calling into question by any politics, break into Notre Dame to make the bells ring when previous Pope resigned – the bells was in restoration and get some damage from this action, and burn a muslim flag in front of the Great Mosque of Paris to protest about muslim extremists – doing that kind of imply that you consider that the french muslims are extremists too, which is insulting). Well, for those people (probably your “Social Justive Warriors”, never heard about that before) you can’t say all that things and in the same time being at 200% behind femen when they protest about how rape is sentenced in court (I don’t know about other countries but in France rapists often get like 1-2 years of jail, 5 years max, which is really low). You need to pick a side, you need to be part of a group, or it will not do. You have to support femen for all their actions or condemn them everytime and be one of the bad anti-feminism / anti-gay / anti-freedom / anti everything.

    I realize it start to be a long comment, but well, a long comment for a long post!

    PS : poor unicorn

    • J_MetalBlast

      Hi Vard, Happy New Year! 🙂

      I think you’re talking about dogmatism; people who believe in something from start to finish and refuse to accept any kind of challenge to their understanding of it. From that starting point, if you say anything about abortion, you MUST be “anti woman”; on the flip side, there are those who take any kind of comment about objectification of women as “radical feminism” or “political correctness gone crazy”. In their minds everything is an all-or-nothing business, and so if you don’t see eye to eye with everything they say, you MUST be against them.

      In my interview with Melinda Tankard Reist, for example, and in which we discussed the issue of rape and objectification, we disagreed in some topics. She seems to be more in favor of censorship, while I’m more of a free speech fundamentalist, and so we disagree on how to address these issues. Still, since we were both reasonable enough people, we focused on the things we agreed on, and tried to build a consensus from there.

      The internet, which you also mentioned, makes things even tougher, since it’s easier for people to become much more radicalized in their views. Google and facebook already allow us to live in an echo chamber ( and so dissent and debate start to disappear.

      Thank you very much for your very kind words, and I’m happy that you enjoy what we publish. Hopefully 2015 will be great for you and us! 🙂


      PS: Yes, poor unicorn.

  • Will Ryan

    Lol this is some hot garbage.

    • J_MetalBlast

      You look exactly like I expected you would.

      • Metal

        You too.

        • J_MetalBlast

          That’s not me in the photo though 🙁

          • Metal

            LOL. Fair enough. Epic beard though. Maybe it’s not Will Ryan either?

  • “Social Justice Warrior”

    *facepalm* This is some trite nonsense. Luckily it’s too long for the attention span of many. The author of this “article” appears to be among a group of metal heads that I personally cannot stand. These are the the guys who claim to be against misogyny, racism, or homophobia because they know it’s negative to be seen as a sexist, racist, homophobe. Yet, when anybody tries to have an honest discussion about these issues (particularly on the Internet), these metal heads reduce other’s arguments, by calling them “weak,” “radical feminists,” or “Social Justice Warriors” (buzz words and insults that other populist metal heads can latch on to and repeat without understanding any sociological or political issues in depth). Despite spending many years in academia, I can’t recall meeting anyone I’d label a “radical feminist.” I’ve met many Sociologists who specialize in feminist theory though. And that’s what they are, academics approaching a sociological issue from a both a scientific and female perspective. They are not a homogenous group either. From listening to these metal heads though, you’d think that our universities and major cities would be rife with roaming heards of “radical feminists,” hell bent of destroying America. This might be from a lack of understanding, or just an attempt to demean people that they see as “others.” These metal heads have actually made the term Social Justice Warrior into a negative term, even though Martin Luther King Jr. was a proud Social Justice Warrior, but they don’t really care about that. Instead of attacking anyone who is actually a racist or a homophobe, they go right to the person that they’ve labelled the “SJW” and pretend to play the “Devil’s Advocate” and challenge the point of view of the supposed “Social Justice Warrior.” They’ll parse any issue, misuse legitimate academic debate (whether they understand the topic being discussed to any great extent or not), state that it’s not the right time or place to discuss social issues, try to demean or discredit academics and experts, and use half truths against someone trying to discuss an important issue honesty and with integrity. It’s sad that they’ve learned how to argue in order to avoid an appearance of racism, but haven’t really absorbed the substance of important issues in many cases. This could be a product of the dumbing down that we’ve had in America through things like media consolidation and commercialisation, and funding cuts to public schools, over the past 30 years. Neoconservatism hasn’t left our populace with the best critical thinking skills.

    What this says to me is that this particular group of metal heads don’t really care about sexism, racism, or homophobia. They actually have views that are different from what they state, but are afraid if they argue too honestly, they’ll be labelled as sexist, homophobic, or racist. They may have convinced themselves that they do believe in equality, they may not understand sociological issues, or they may simply lack the courage of their convictions to state their actual beliefs. Either way, these metal heads reek of cowardice, dishonesty, and ignorance.

    As for criticism of Vice; They actually do some great stories, and go out of their way to get stories that others won’t. Attacking them on a journalistic level is either dishonesty, or a lack of understanding when it comes to media (most likely the former). When you hear criticism from guys like this about VICE, Pitchfork, or SPIN, it’s not that they are poor journalists at all. In fact, they all do a pretty good job, and are good examples of successful modern media. The criticism is because these people don’t agree with VICE, Pitchfork, or SPIN culturally and politically. They don’t personally like the kind of people who write for, or read, VICE, Pitchfork, or SPIN. They don’t care about, or even fully grasp the concept of, journalistic integrity.

    And Caina? Well, have you heard Caina’s music? It’s fantastic! Maybe the next article should be about that.

    • J_MetalBlast

      Hi, thanks for your visit and your comment. Sadly, this comment (as well as a number of others that you left) were done under a false e-mail, and so you won’t get notified of my answer. I hope you’ll check back and read it though.
      1. “Too long for the attention span of many”: I agree, especially because it is fairly obvious that you didn’t read the whole thing. Most of your criticisms were addressed somewhere else in the article. To be honest, this is annoying and disrespectful. I’m happy to answer your questions and to openly debate the points you raise, but if you only care about some talking points without even reading what you’re answering, then there’s no actual debate.

      2. “Calling people radfems is ad hominem”: I Agree, and if you read the article you’d see that I said that: “Can there be extremes within feminism? Absolutely, but attacking all
      women because of that, and dismissing any criticism as just “radical
      feminism” is not constructive, and is just an example of a small mind.”

      3. “Feminists are not a homogeneous group”: I agree and, again, I reference that in the article. I’m surprised, however, to see that at the same time you talk about “some” metalheads as a homogenous group.

      4. The dumbing down of America and the neocon educational system: First, I have no idea how you can possibly see neoconservatism, a (terrible) geopolitical ideology as somehow influencing K-12 education in a way that would influence someone’s opinions about the topics above, but I know that it’s a good buzzword for you.
      ALSO, I’m not American, nor have I ever lived in the US. So, you know, CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE! 😀

      5. MLK: Did you really bring up the civil rights movement in an article about “metalgate” and “gamergate”? That’s hyperbolic as fuck.

      6. Afraid of being called sexist/racist/homophobic: Have you actually read any of the things I’ve written? How do you even come to the conclusion that I’m somehow afraid of this?

      7. Vice: Vice is specialized in clickbait media. In metal, for example, their reporting on Gaahl was incredibly sensationalistic (at least according to my interview with Gaahl); they report on prostitution (where over 50% of women are raped) as a great, funny thing (their report on the “all you can fuck” brother was real classy) and, in general, specialize in covering horrendous issues without a shred of social conscience, while pretending to be progressive. I reference a couple of articles here, feel free to check them. The best quote on them:

      8. Caina: If they release a new album, we’ll be happy to review it.

  • whiskeyhammer 90

    This is why liberals should stay out of metal. This writers incrementalism is death by a thousand cuts.

    • J_MetalBlast

      I have no idea about what you tried to say here.

      • Madelin Vasquez

        I was thinking the same thing

  • Ernest Hickman

    I am misanthropist and I can get what your saying, to be honest I don’t like how people treat each other in such an ugly manner and the fact we don’t take care of the animals nature, that’s why I don’t like humanity that much, I don’t think we are behaving as rational beings but just beings hell bent to rule over each other and ruin lives; I’m not trying to be edgy like that kid was.

    • J_MetalBlast

      You definitely have a point there. People should just treat others the way they want to be treated (let’s call it the golden “don’t be an asshole” rule).
      You can be a misanthrope without being an ass to people. From what you are saying, your dislike of people doesn’t make you treat them like shit, and that’s cool.

      Thanks for visiting!

  • nn

    Okay. I comment Metalsucks and often call their authors “liberals”, meaning they are not. Well, you ARE a liberal, and this is another well-thought article which proves it. Thank you.

    • nn

      …aand now I see its just 2 years old 🙂